A number of sites and projects we have been involved in


Our "own" CMS. As if there aren't enough content management systems already, we do think our implementation offers some unique features that are not to be found in the current Django CMS landscape


For the KNMP we've implemented both the CMS responsible for publishing the Informatorium Medicamentorum. and a mobile site that publishes the content from this CMS as mobile-optimized HTML5.


For RIPE we've reimplemented their intranet in Plone and migrated the old Twiki based content to this new intranet.


We developed the TEFAF mobile app for Android in cooperation with 17rabbits and grrr.nl. The app offers its own floorplan implementation, camera / preview integration, audiotour and custom native UI.


A 360' review service that helps you find out what your strengths are and to see how other people see you by focussing on only positive personal properties. Peerz is built in Django and uses Celery, Redis, UWSGI and many more tools to run smoothly.


For euroforum we've re-implemted their multi-brand CMS and migrated the content from their previous Plone based CMS to the new Django-CMS based system. We've also added blogging to the system by integrating Zinnia into the system. SOLR is used to index the content of the CMS. A single CMS is used to serve 4 different brand sites.


MyDock offers an in-house appstore for your company where you can "sell" your internal tools, hardware and services within your organization. MyDock is built in Django and runs on Google App Engine (non-relational).


... and projects for many more organizations such as the UK Ministry of Defense, KPN, Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, TNO. Contact us and we'll tell you about relevant projects that may be matching your requirements!



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