Besides the many custom software we've developer for our customers, we have also created some products on our own. Some can serve as a basis for new projects, others are ready to be used.



WheelCMS is an Open Source Django based CMS. We've applied our many years of Open Source and Enterprise CMS knowledge which results in a powerful, extensible system that has an excellent "out-of-the-box" experience but can also serve as a framework for complex content-oriented applications.

More information can be found on WheelCMS' own website.



Stracks is a service / application created out of our own need and through our own research and development. It aims to solve the "logging problem" - how to have usable logging in your application that can actually tell you something about how your application is running and how to hunt down what the real cause of a problem may be.

Stracks is currently in alpha testing and will be initially available as an online service.

More information can be found on the Stracks website.



RCTK is a research product that's currently on hold. It's a framework that aims to bring application with a desktop complexity to the web by treating the browser as a display for displaying controls, while all other logic remains on the server. This allows you to write your applications in 100% python without hacky translation/compilation steps; your application runs on the server but uses the browser for it's interaction.

RCTK can be found on github.



We have implemented a number of assessments that can give you a quick insight on certain aspects of your applications. Contact us for more information.

(WEB) Application security audit

Assesses whether common security pitfalls (SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF, etc) are properly handled in your application, verifies if methods and data are appropriately protected and much more. The audit is optimized for Python / Django applications, but is also largely applicable to other frameworks.

(WEB) Application performance audit

Assesses if common performance pitfalls (caching, queries, async execution, SQL optimization, etc) are properly handled in your application and much more. 

Application maintainability audit

Assesses if your application is properly organized and can be easily maintained by other parties. Looks at overall code quality, testing procedures, testing coverage, code reuse, deployment and many more aspects.