m3r consultancy offers a broad range of Open Source services. This, however, does not necessarily mean our solutions have to be released as Open Source!



We can do full implementations in-house from design to maintenance, but we can also subvene with your projects on a freelance basis if you need extra man power. Our experience includes (but is definitely not limited to)

  • Python
  • Django, Django-CMS, WheelCMS
  • Zope, Zope3, Plone, Grok
  • Google App Engine (with Python)
  • Scalable, high performance (appserver) infrastructures en WSGI hosting infrastructures
  • (corporate) web applications. Custom made applications that are always and everywhere available.
  • Custom development on top of existing software
  • Android and Firefox OS app development
  • (Experimental) New frameworks and toolkits such as NodeJS, Docker, Ansible and AngularJS.



We can consult you with (for example) the following issues

  • Is Python 3 mature enough for my project and how do I go about migrating it?
  • Is the code I have had developed secure? Is it maintainable?
  • How do I introduce testing procedures into my project or organization?
  • How can I use Open Source in my organization to my advantage? How do I migrate to an Open Source solution?
  • What consequences do Open Source Licenses have for my projects?
  • Who can support me?
  • How secure is my web application? Web applications become more and more complex and it's very easy to lose sight of your applications security. We can audit your software and applications.



Perhaps you want to migrate to a certain Open Source platform from your current legacy Closed Source system. Of perhaps you want to migrate to a different Open Source solution or a newer version. We can research what's involved and implement the migration for you.

Consider for example

  • A migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL
  • A migration from Redhat to Ubuntu
  • A migration from Plone to a Django CMS such as WheelCMS
  • A migration from Drupal or Joomla to some other platform.

Of course we can also help you with a migration from other (closed) systems or your internally developed system.



Do you have any topics that need researching or problems that need fixing, such as

  • Which (Open Source) platform is most suitable for my needs and my organization?
  • How mature is a certain project and its community? What are the alternatives?
  • How do I integrate legacy / Open systems?
  • How do I make an existing Open Source project suitable for my organization?

 We can help you find the right answers!